Spring not only brings the budding of new leaves, blooming of new flowers, and growing of green grass, but it also brings the seal coating maintenance people. 

Like some questions, there is not a specific answer for them but actually have a wide variety of answers, and that is true when you ask the question if seal coating is really worth it. You will probably, at one point, call your local Seal Coating Washington D.C. contractor, or if someone knocks on your door asking you if you need a seal coat for your driveway, then you will definitely need to be educated about the process so you won't be left wondering. 

You might think this is a simple task, and maybe it is, just go to your local hardware store and buy the products you will need, get information there about everything you need to know and sign a contract to the cheapest local Asphalt Repair Washington D.C. contractor you find to help you, does not matter if he is experienced or not. But if you think this is the process, then just remember the saying you get what you pay for. 

What is asphalt? What holds them together? What are the products of asphalt? These are some questions you should know the answer to when you are thinking of seal coating or pavement maintenance your driveway or anywhere you are thinking of doing these things. 

Asphalt is made from a type of tar; this tar is a mixture of aggregate, stone and bituminous. This tells us that asphalt is only the finished product and there are actually a lot of things you mix together to make asphalt. Also, there are different types of asphalt that serve different uses, like maybe they will make an asphalt for the kind of traffic that will go across this asphalt surface. 

Asphalt is generally very strong, and you don't need to seal coat it every year, so don't be tempted if that guy comes around telling you that you need to seal coat your pavements. When you seal coat your pavements will depend on the weather conditions or the traffic volume of that area, but still seal coating should last for at least 2 to 5 years. 

Your asphalt is going to experience some cracks, especially during spring time, and so you will want to get an experienced contractor. Something you should avoid when looking for a contractor is if they just want to make the asphalt look new by applying sealer. 


A good, experienced contractor will seal those cracks with a hot rubberized crack sealer, which is not the same as a seal coating material, by the way. If you think that a contractor is too expensive, then you should fix it by yourself, there are many available protective seal coating materials that extend the life of your asphalt surface.